picture an illustrator working in their studio

Simon Turnbull is a storyboard artist and illustrator. His experience includes animation storyboarding and narrative illustration as well as games and interactive development. He is a writer of visual narrative for different formats and is a laser focused, no nonsense story editor. With a flair for the comedic and a taste for the intellectual Simon is a man for all seasons. As long as by seasons you mean projects and by projects you mean visual narratives.

Simon is a simple, straightforward guy who just loves to tell stories with pictures. He isn’t picky about audiences but loves working in kids’ media the most. Kids are the best and they deserve the highest quality work and the most attention to detail. Who could argue with that?

For all your visual storytelling needs, think Screen and Pencil.

Several examples of different illustration styles: cartoony, painterly, infant and kindergarten, superhero licensing and chapter book interior illustration

Freelance illustration, storyboards, comics, screenwriting. If there is anything I can help you with, or you would like to  discuss your needs, reach out here. 

Storyboarding is the craft of drawing a visual narrative before it goes into production. A storyboard is a series of images that represent what the project will look like on completion so that key creatives can make decisions and revisions cheaply and easily. Many people think of storyboards as a contour map for production.



Some core concepts that storyboard artists address include framing, angle and lighting, staging, rhythm and pacing, story focus and subtext, production design and appeal and so much more. And they manage to balance all that while drawing complex scenes and nuanced characterisation. Whew.


 Storyboarding is an expensive writing tool , but one of the cheapest production techniques around.

Illustration is the practice of creating images to accompany a text. They may elucidate detail, add depth and richness or draw the reader in. And yes, sometimes they are just really cool.

Good illustration juggles content, composition, storytelling, appeal, rhythm, style and shape language, subtext, story enrichment, audience engagement and printing considerations. That’s without even stating on raw drawing skill involved.. Illustration is a way to take dry words and pop them up in front of the audience in a way that can take their breath away. Words and pictures: a winning combination.