All the Peoples

Simon Turnbull

Animation writer, storyboard artist and overseer of typewriter chimps

Simon Turnbull is an animation professional with over twenty years production experience. He spent the majority of his career working as a production artist and animator in the game industry on more than forty shipped titles. In 2017 he pivoted to linear animation and has since worked as a professional storyboard artist in TV animation and commercials. He has an end to end animation skill set that lets him write, storyboard, direct, animate, edit, sound design and master an animation.

Just one guy? Are you kidding me?

Yes! Look! Only one person. Not sure if I should be humiliated or proud. It’s a good thing large oak trees grow from tiny acorns innit?

But seriously, I’m putting a thing together here and if  you’re an animation, licensing or production professional who wants to have a conversation, reach out.

If it should happen that our paths bring us together and we walk a ways that would be nice. And if it should be that our paths remain apart, that’s nice too.

Travel well, my friends.