Animation and IP Development Studio

Screen and Pencil is developing  animation concepts and sometimes making the tv cartoons. 

This studio is run by very special people. Animation people. Writers, storytellers, designers, animators. Please do not refer to them as developmentally arrested child men and/or women unless you are a qualified psychiatrist. They also prefer not to be called frisky buffoons, creative second bananas or bed wetting monomaniacs. Animation monkeys is, however, acceptable.

These individuals have devoted their entire lives to the serene and dignified study of cartoons, breakfast cereals and all possible combinations, permutations and crunchy bits thereof.  As you may imagine, their parents are extremely proud. Screen and Pencil is definitely not just composed of otherwise intelligent, fully grown adults who spend all their time watching tv cartoons, making tv cartoons, talking about tv cartoons, and discussing Proust (in terms of whether it would make a good feature animation).  Some of them read comic books too. And all of them will have you know that they take themselves very seriously.

So seriously in fact that they spend their entire professional lives obsessing about  the minutiae of making little cartoon people do funny things on illuminated rectangular devices for the entertainment of small children whose parents would rather they be doing something else. These ‘people’ imagine scripts, visualise cartoons, and dream in storyboard panels.  And they have the gall to delude themselves that this state of affairs is a valuable and productive way to spend their lives. Let us refrain from judgement as that is best left to the professionals.

AnD The proFFeshunalz is US!!!!! Ha Ha HA hA HA

tHe aniMAtioN MonKeeeS

If you like deranged kids in charge of deadly laser weaponry, with some mutant monkey people thrown in, you’ll love the new Twintronic comic ‘Monkey Laser Party People’. 

Click here to check it out.

Shows in Development

A World of Animation Storytelling

Animation is a wonderful art form. It  appeals to all ages,  can address any topic or fulfill any dream imaginable. It is a medium capable of changing the world and we make it with such marvellous style and panache. Aren’t we lovely?

Here’s what we do: (deep breath) combine writing, storytelling, design, drawing, painting and animation, step it up with music and sound and then ensure the  jokes, emotion and meaning carry through.  In 11 minutes and no change.  Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Perfecting this creative act is the  extremely creative practice of an extremist’s uber creative lifestyle in a creatively extreme world of extreme possibilities in creation and creativity. So we need to like, bring something to the table, but I just can’t think what.  Venn diagrams?

Back to the topic! Only the best! We’re animation people! No dilettantes will be accepted! Chimpanzees maybe, dilettantes definitely not. Only the most serious minded, the most creatively aspirational and the most derangedly masochistic will  devote their lives to this most complete of art forms. To the animation creators I say ‘Hurrah!”. I applaud you. Now let’s make some money.

All jokes aside, in this century of distributed workforces and automated processes it is the best time ever to be animation people. This is our moment to stand together and to make that most grand of all things: a  difference. And whilst we’re speaking of making things, let’s make some awesome tv shows too, cause everything is better with cartoons, amirite?

Animation dude. It’s awesome.

If you never did, you should. These things are fun, and fun is good.

Theodore Seuss Geisel